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All home inspectors are NOT created equal. For many years Nick Kuvach was a licensed Building Contractor in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Nick’s whole life has been in the residential buildings industry. Remodeling, renovations, additions, new home building… Nick Kuvach has done it ALL, for decades. Nick has estimated the costs of millions of dollars worth of jobs and been involved in every aspect of their execution. Most home inspectors do not have such a background since many come to home inspection as a part-time or late-life source of income. Most home inspectors have come into this business from other careers, not Nick Kuvach.

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Nick is qualified to authoritatively consult with you as to what it would cost to correct a defect or deficiency found during an inspection. Nick can tell you how much it would cost for you to make changes or improvements to your new home and what’s realistically possible and what is not. In addition, at the beginning of the inspection, Nick will present to you well over 150 pages of useful literature for you to keep concerning your home and the operation and maintenance of its various mechanical systems and environmental issues. For as long as you own your home you can call Nick and he will be happy to consult for free. Nick can give you guidance as to how best to go about putting a job out to bid and how to find a qualified contractor to do your work.

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Most home inspectors are NOT properly – legally – certified Professional Radon Testers. Make sure your inspector is a properly certified Professional Radon Tester listed with the NYS Dept. of Health. Confirm your inspector’s Radon credentials visit the NYS Dept. of Health website to see if your inspector is listed.