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From Invasive Insects

WDI inspections – commonly referred to as “Termite Inspections” – are inspections for more than just Termites. Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powder Post Beetles etc. – all wood destroying insects – are included in WDI inspections. Termites are the most notorious offenders, and for good reason…they can do the most damage to a home. Mortgage lending companies in New York State routinely require certified WDI inspections by a licensed Pest Inspector.

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During our inspection, we will look out for the most common signs of an insect infestation. Our experts can identify a number of warning signs.


Depending on the suspected size of the infestation, we will do our research and come up with an actionable plan to stop invaders in their tracks.


We’ll outline our findings in a report for you. You’ll know how we discovered the infestation, what options there are, and what methods would likely be most effective.