Ensure your Well Pump

Is Functioning Properly

Well pumps are a great resource to have on your property. They give you greater control over the water that flows through your home and a well’s low-cost is great considering how fresh and natural your water is.

A well pump must be maintained regularly to function properly, and if you’re moving in or out of a home then it’s important to know about the health and safety of your well pump. 

When done alone there is a fee for this service, however, when performing a Septic Dye Diagnostic Test, Reveal Home Inspections does not charge a fee for a verbal report on the Well and Well Pump Performance.

Request an Inspection

Serving Westchester – Putnam – Dutchess – Orange – Rockland – Columbia Counties


We can perform various well pump tests to determine the health and safety of your pump.


After performing a well-pump inspection we can form an evaluation of its current state. If you decided on having us do a written evaluation then you’ll receive a well-informed overview of your pump.


If you purchased a well-pump test from us what you’ll receive within two days is a comprehensive report on the health of your pump. Our report will include the technical details as well as the layman’s details for the rest of us.